About Us

About company

Hey we are pantek water suppliers we are new in this industry, But our company is not as fresh in this area. Our company is known as Pantek Electricals Pvt. Ltd.

Pantek is a new generation professionally managed engineering organisation with dedicated team having in depth knowledge of designing, manufacturing & execution of Low Voltage & Medium Voltage Switchboards and Bus Ducts. and Now pantek team are pleased to offer you our new service with pantek water supplier services. Pantek has the trust of over 100 multinational corporations.

Pantek is an FSSAI and ISI Certified company that offers a wide variety of services. They include water filter plant, commercial RO plant, water treatment chemical, ultrafiltration plant and more. management, along with core staff, pays special attention to the need of considering customers' needs.

Pantek’s aim is to provide services that exceed its client's expectations. The management of the company makes sure that new technologies are connected to clients’ needs and requirements into the future, too.

About location

We are located in Gurgaon close to other popular locations. The company is in hygiene location because it wants to make sure that the people it employs are healthy and safe. The company is in a location that is clean and free of bacteria. Just as it is important for a person to be in a clean location, it is important for a company to be in a clean location because The company has a responsibility to its employees and customers to keep them healthy.