About the process:

We give our services in entire Gurgaon. We give our delivery service using more than 50 couriers within 2hr in anywhere in the city.

  • Each jar retrieved for refilling is first manually inspected for any type of odour and foreign particles.
  • Outer washing done with auto washing machine.
  • Pre inner washing with mechanical jet wash
  • Jars are moved to inside washing machine after they are inspected using powerful light, leading to their interior washes.
  • Inner wash done for every jar around 5 minutes with special nozzles wide rotate 360 deg with different disinfection agents.
  • The washing area as well as packing room in the sterile room are an enclosed space with a Hepa filter of 10000-class rating, and the point of use for the TEAM and water packaged by Hygienic Practice. To ensure no contamination of the TEAM bottled drinking water is ensured.
  • Jars move for fully automatic filling and fully automatic capping.
  • When jars are filled, they will come out of an automated conveyor.
  • Each jar was carefully checked for high-quality illumination.
  • A special hologram sticker is affixed to the Cap.
  • UV radiation is given for each jar.
  • The QC section will naturally validate, after ascertaining legitimacy, the contents of the box to be transported to customers.

Ultrafiltration (UF)

The last step of the process is known as ultrafiltration. The filter contain hollow synthetic fibers between 0 and 0.01 millimeters in diameter, which trap and killing harmful bacteria, viruses, cysts, and giardia cysts. The point of use of this filtration makes sure that water leaving the system is pure.

Sample Test

Random samples from daily production batch of 20 liters are collected by QC In-charge. Tests on chemical composition and microbiology are routinely performed on the substance by Lab Chemist and DGM Quality Control.

Packaging At Its Best

An important, crucial part of our water production process is packaging. Packaging is one factor, which affects the quality of water and lures customers. Through quality packaging, we communicate our aim of bettering life of masses. The packaging process is overseen entirely by experts. Bottles made of substances that can be recycled and lightweight containers are used to pack mineral water.


We sanitize bottles before filling them as part our prep process. We always strive to maintain distance from each other. The temperatures of workers are monitored on a regular basis. because The company has a responsibility to its employees and customers to keep them healthy. And then Water delivered at your door step based on your preferred timings!